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On Line Car Show, Rules and Regulations

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1 On Line Car Show, Rules and Regulations on Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:49 pm

We will take pics first and have them up for people to view. Once we get enough entries we will open the voting. First place will receive a brand new Fiberglass speaker box for the sub size of your choice. Courtesy of D&T Automotive. After we have enough entries we will run the voting for 3 weeks. (It could last shorter or longer depending on number of votes). You will have to post 3 pics: The exterior , interior , or any other features that make your car one of a kind. Post a description of your car and the work you have done. If you feel I have missed anything please post and let me know. This is a united states resident only contest. There is no entry fee and nothing to pay for if you win I will contact you and I will have the speaker box shipped to you. I will have one forum set up for car entries to post under. And when the voting is open, I will set up a forum for when the time comes.

NOTICE: If we feel that you are copy and pasting from other pictures on the internet from anyone, for work that is not yours, you will be banned from the contest. It is a form of plagiarism and will not be tolerated.
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