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A few tips I uses for flippin cars.

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1 A few tips I uses for flippin cars. on Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:35 pm

How is everyone today? I thought I would share a few tricks I use when fliping cars. Here is the fist of many. I flip cars all the time but I only do like 1 or 2 a month so there is no point in having car-fax. I found a new place where you can get get your vin checked without being a member. All I do is pay for the vin check and then im done. I tried using car-fax a few times and I just don't see the point in a membership if im not doing 100s of cars a month. "I wish" but there you go a little tip that helps me out allot because most of my cars I put on eBay. And I don't want any surprise when I post it like 20 previous owners and 5 floods lol. Helps me make more money and know a little more about the car. Here is the link for VINALERT Its only $9.99 for a vin check and history report.

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2 tip # 2 on Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:12 am

DO not and I repeat do NOT let the person your buying or selling from know that you flip cars. If the seller finds out then they will be more likely to stay firm on there price. If a buyer finds out then they will have a hard time trusting the car or you. You get that car salesman Ora about you and people don't like that.

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3 tip #3 on Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:17 am

When your buying a car make sure you build up a friendship with the saler. Make small talk, tell them you just looking for a project, or a car for a friend or child. If you buy cars like I do then they need allot of work and be sure to throw around prices for parts and build it up like its going to cost allot to fix. Then you can try to get the car cheaper. Make sure if the car does not run that you imply your lack of trust in peoples word that "all it needs is a fuel pump". I normally take 99% of what they say as BS no matter what there story is on the car.

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4 Tip #4 on Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:24 am

When your selling a car don't let them know you've only had it for a few days or weeks. Act like you have had the car for at least a year and you are selling it for a bigger car or because you have to many cars.Try to have this all planed out before the buyer shows up to look at the car. Tell stores about how last winter it did great in the snow and never failed to start and you took it on a long road trip a few months before the sell and its always had its tune-ups on time and it helps to say you bought it off a mechanic. People will take all most everything you say as a sales pitch but for some reason they will feel better about buying a car that a mechanic owned. "even thought mechanics normally have the worst running cars on the road because we are to busy fixing everyone elses".

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